The Future of Digital Marketing

The Future of Digital Marketing

It's safe to say that in 2022, digital marketing will look quite different from what it looked in 2021 as a result of the onset of the pandemic. The year 2022 looks promising and can offer many new insights and better reach. Those seeking to take advantage of 2022 digital marketing trends, whether they're marketing professionals, business owners, or companies, should know what's new coming in the year 2022 when talking about the future of digital marketing. Here are some predictions for this year to give you an idea of what to expect. In this blog, we are going to provide detailed digital marketing strategies that you can use to accelerate business growth. 


This Is What 2022 Depends On - The Cookies  


It was announced recently that Google will stop supporting third-party cookies for users of the all-popular Chrome browser in the near future. This means big changes for marketers. Chrome is the preferred browser of 70 percent of browsers’ users. 


Any marketing campaign that relies on cookies will have to change drastically. There will be a significant change, but it's not the only thing we should worry about. Cookies are often used by advertisers to track how consumers use the net to find what they want. Tracking users like this has long been a valuable tool for advertisers and businesses when it comes to developing their marketing plans and how they will reach customers. Most advertisers, however, recognize that concern on a personal level. 


There is a high level of skepticism among consumers regarding their private information, and having computers track them doesn't seem right to them. Furthermore, consumers are also far more aware than a few years ago of the risks associated with online privacy. In response to that, many have already opted out of third-party cookies and tracking. 


So, what does that mean for digital marketing? The following significant changes are likely to be seen with regard to cookie tracking: 

  • In some cases, advertisers are choosing to collect information from consumers using first-party data.  

  • Zero-party data is also becoming more popular. Gamification, online interactions or surveys are common ways for consumers to provide this data to brands. 

  • Having robust CRM tools in place now, so to speak, is equally important, so that you are able to tap into data faster and sooner. 


Are The Consumer’s Digital Habits Going To Persist Amid and Post-Pandemic? 


As a result of the pandemic, consumer habits have changed, and this is likely to have a significant impact on marketing. As purchasing habits of consumers changed, so did how companies responded to their needs. So, when the pandemic begins to ease, will consumers revert back to their old habits? Well, it is unlikely that consumers will drastically change their digital habits they have made in the last two years anytime soon. Rather than changing, these new consumer habits are likely to persist. 

How does all this impact today's digital brands? What can be done to enhance 2022's objectives, specifically in these two areas? Consider these expectations. 


Take a Look at Some Digital Marketing Trends from Surveys  


In its 7th State of Marketing report, Salesforce reveals some insights about what organizations are expecting. Approximately 8,200 marketers participated in the survey and provided some insights into what to expect in the future. 

  • Approximately sixty-six percent of marketers anticipate revenue growth in 2022 and beyond. 

  • Ninety percent of them believe that digital engagement increased in 2020, a trend that will likely continue into 2022 (one of those consumer behaviors that are unlikely to change).  

  • Forty percent of participants expect to increase their data sources in the next year - a prerequisite for more organizations since they will stop using cookies. 



It Is Expected That Influencer Marketing Will Grow 


Influencer marketing grew significantly in 2020 and 2021. It is expected to grow even further by 2022, according to experts. Hubspot asked global marketing professionals what their top investments would be for 2022 - and 34 percent said they were investing in influencer marketing. It would be better to spend more on it than make mobile web designs or use short-form video marketing. 


According to estimates, 57 percent of marketing professionals use this type of marketing effectively. The majority of those plan to spend more, with 11 percent saying influencer marketing generates the best ROI.  


Investing In Online Events Will Pay Off 


One of the key digital marketing trends for 2022 will be marketers' increased focus on online events. This includes educational tools such as Zoom or channels like seminars and webinars that are aimed to attract consumers and other interested individuals who want more information than ever before to make informed investment-related decisions. The pandemic will also play a crucial role in product launches as big in-person events are further restricted. 


As more brands participate in these events, new ways to reach a larger audience will be created. Not only are these events valuable for advertising, but they also provide an excellent opportunity to collect data that can be used to improve marketing. Consumer data is used to create consumer profiles that can be used to better sell to customers in the future. 

Online events like this provide valuable data which can help replace what is lost when cookies are no more. At the same time, it will help brands build stronger relationships with their audiences. 


It is crucial to carefully plan and execute these types of events. It's not always the case that they have a direct impact on revenue building. In spite of this, they produce opportunities for engagement and brand-building that all brands need as they head towards the next few years. 




Increased Use Of Content Across A Wider Variety Of Methods And Digital Marketing Channels 


Creating content is in high demand – and that won't change anytime soon. But in 2022, marketing will likely feature a wide array of content types. It includes more video, audio, and visual content. Moreover, such content should be accessible and available to more people via mobile phones, social media platforms and other digital channels. There can be challenges in converting information into these types of media in some industries, but marketers must find creative ways to tell stories to connect with consumers who want credible information. In order to achieve this, new ways of communicating messages may be needed - for example, creating a video alongside an audio version of the article. Again, the more creative, responsive and interactive the content is, the more customers will engage with it. 



Focus On Building Your Audience Apart From Solely Relying On Social Media 


Nowadays, the majority of companies invest a lot of their marketing resources in building a presence on social media. The return on that investment may be solid now, but it will be harder to do in the future. Here are some figures– 


These figures alone make it difficult to compete and stand out from the crowd. When you consider that your audience probably follows a number of brands, and they may not see everything you post, especially since social media platforms or online marketing channels like Facebook and Twitter control who sees your posts, the problem becomes even worse. 


Therefore, what is the impact of this on your efforts in 2022? First, you should build those networks and make yourself more accessible to your audience. The ability to connect directly and communicate with your audience in an authentic way. 


Creating newsletters is one way to accomplish this. While it's not always easy to get into readers' inboxes, it does give you the option of controlling who sees what you have to say. Building a marketing strategy around this makes it easier to analyze and collect data such as customers’ interests, something that's difficult to do when you're competing with hundreds of other businesses for a small fraction of your audience's attention. 



Video Content That Is Short Is Most Effective  


Over the years, consumer habits have changed dramatically. However, one thing remains the same: consumers dislike spending too much time watching advertisements. As a result, videos used in marketing strategies need to be short and to the point, while also being memorable. 


According to HubSpot, 31% of marketers intend to invest in short-form video content in 2022. According to 46 percent of these marketers, this strategy is effective for boosting engagement and performance. The study shows that 89 percent of global marketers plan to continue investing in this format or increase the amount they are investing in the coming years. 


Although the long-form video is still useful, it is more geared towards telling stories and describing products than capturing consumer attention or engaging them. Does this mean that every digital marketing effort you undertake should be TikTok friendly? It could be an important digital channel or platform, but not the only one. 



Content That Is Of Higher Quality Is Demanded By Consumers 


In 2022, marketers will have to create content that consumers will find more valuable. Consumers have become more particular about the type of content they will consume. It is predicted that their demand for high-quality content will rise in 2022. Consumers will remember content, if it resonates quickly with them in a positive way. If digital content isn't attention-grabbing, interesting, and valuable, they are less likely to remember or absorb it. 


Consequently, brands will have to devote more time to developing higher-quality content. Additionally, brands will have to focus more on discovering what will resonate with their customers and clients, and then create content that targets those needs specifically. If you want to appeal to the market segment or audience you are trying to reach, you may have to create different kinds of content rather than creating one broad plan to satisfy all needs. 



Images Of Your Brand Can Be A Powerful Tool 


Creating a stronger brand image is yet another way to modify marketing strategies for 2022. This may mean spending more time and money on building a true brand image. The image of a brand is everything. To create a strong brand image, you must be very careful about the words you use. Of course, delivering the right message remains crucial, but consider how words can be more effectively used. In order to achieve more focused and on-point results, digital advertisers need to be creative enough to build a marketing strategy based on quick communication. 


Take Google Ads into consideration. They continue to play a significant role in marketing today. However, Google Ads are getting more and more expensive. Online advertising is becoming more competitive, which drives up costs. Simply put, branding and wording must be very specific. 

What can you do to build your brand when costs are rising? Well, one option is that you can spend more. As an alternative, you can spend more time and put a lot of effort into organically building your brand. You can reduce your reliance on paid advertising by increasing brand awareness organically in numerous ways. 


Different methods can be used to achieve this. The key is to determine which will be the most effective for your audience. For example, you might consider starting a podcast to connect with customers. Creating high-quality web content with a high value and effectiveness may also be an option. 

If you are working to build awareness on a similar scale, you should anticipate a long-term reward, but creating content and making an audience will take time. The good news is that once that happens, there could be a significant return immediately. 


Major Companies Will Find Mobile Optimization Critical In 2022  


In the two years following the pandemic, many organizations have turned to mobile optimization. In the future, mobile optimization will, however, be even more essential. Mobile devices account for more than half of online website traffic, according to some reports. It is also quite important to offer a mobile-optimized digital experience in 2022 because the buying power of millennials and Gen Z is increasing. 


HubSpot cites a few reasons why this is so important: 

  • 84% of marketing professionals intend to invest the same amount they have invested or even more in mobile web design in 2022 

  • Mobile optimization is considered an effective investment by 64 percent of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketers 


It is here to say that mobile phones are here to stay. I believe this trend will likely continue in 2022 and beyond, but the most successful ones will be the ones who master it. 



You Should Strive To Become A Thought Leader In Your Area Of Business 


We've talked about the importance of providing quality content to your customers many times. The importance of that will increase as consumers look only for the content they find valuable. Being recognized as a thought leader in your industry is a good way to catch their attention. 

The average internet user is exposed to 4000 to 10000 ads per day. That's a crazy amount of advertising. How many do you think they remember out of that amount? 


Throughout the day, consumers are bombarded with ads. They've gotten used to tuning out inefficient ads and hard sells. For this reason, many organizations find that building a strong thought leader brand is imperative.  

The value of consumer education cannot be underestimated. People who search for something online are not only looking to purchase it. They often want to know what they should purchase. That leads to the need to find resources that can answer their questions. 

Companies that can make original, one-of-a-kind content that educates and provides a unique experience are the most likely to garner a large audience in the future. 



To Get The Results You Want, You Need The Right Partner 


Using sophisticated digital marketing tools and strategies, Azlaan Technologies; a reputable digital marketing agency, can help you earn leads and generate more revenue. Our goal is to help brands become more competitive in 2022 by using new strategies and resources to capitalize on the current and future digital marketing trends. We want to make sure you have access to the digital marketing tools that are right for your business. Among those things is helping you make a strategic plan that's ideal for your business. So, check out how we can help you win the marketing game in 2022 in a way that will be sustainable well into the future. Reach us at +92 304-111-1443 and let our digital marketing experts optimize and rank your website as well earn more leads for you. 


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