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2022 Software Development Trends

Today’s modern world is a globalized one. Events on the world stage shape our routine life. Lots of things around us are being modernized and routine business and other life-related operations are being digitized. Sounds a bit awkward to say, but the fact is that the Covid-19 pandemic has proven as a booster to the digitization of business operation and routine tasks. Hardware and software development technologies have been rapidly evolving. Taking into account all the above-said things, we can claim that software development trends have been changing and emerging like never before. With the emergence of the latest techniques and advanced technologies software development has seen a substantial change. There are many software development trends, however, a few can be labeled as the dominant ones in 2022. Businesses and software development companies have to remain in touch with these swift shifts so as to compete in a complex world. 

To keep you informed of the latest software development trends, we have put together a list of top software development trends in 2022 so that you make plans in accordance with the changing trends. 

 Rigid software quality standards 

With the ever-increasing demand for software, it will be necessary to adhere to software quality standards that have been suggested by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) in the time to come. From now on, we will be seeing ISO certification in our routine activities and in most of the gadgets we use as every passing day software solutions will be integrated into daily life. What businesses will observe are the benefits such as enhanced quality, additional efficiency in overall operations, and last but not least more respect and reputation obeying ISO certification. 


Hyper-automation aka automation at its peak 

It is believed that emerging technologies in software development will certainly take automation to a new level of speed that can be referred to as hyper-automation. According to Gartner, by the end of 2022, half of all coding or programming languages tasks will be done by automated systems, bringing about hyper-automation and new expectations from software developers who would see PCs do work faster than them. The reason behind this trend is the rising fame of cognitive automation technologies that merge cognitive capabilities with hyper-automation. 

Taking into account the huge savings in time and output of employees, the chances of hyper-automation becoming widespread really fast are great, hence it will have a positive impact upon the senior working staff particularly. 

Generally speaking, developers spend 45 hours every week writing and maintaining both code and no code aspects. Therefore, hyper-automation widgets let programmers finish up to 90 percent of their tasks with just a single click, thus cutting hundreds of hours off their schedule and allowing them to work on other elements of software development. 


Code standards and guidelines 

Well, it is believed that corporations will be applying and following style uniformity and language protocols during the course of software development to enhance coding standards following clear guidelines. Doing so would help both available as well as new developers to write standard code with clear guidelines required for marvelous code development.  


Cloud computing 

Well, cloud computing is another but still highly increasing software development trend, that is largely used by many companies, enterprises, and even by government organizations. Furthermore, the worth of cloud computing technology can be witnessed everywhere as almost every process or operation has transformed from leaflet to digital, hence; organizations store and access their data. We can anticipate a huge transition of cloud computing technology in various industries, businesses, and organizations around the world. Azlaan Technologies has been providing cloud computing or hosting services to individuals, small and big enterprises, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and institutions. Based in Arizona, United States, our servers are protected against flooding and cyber-attacks such as; Malware, DDoS, and Phishing, etc. We offer you multiple choices so you choose any from the two dedicated and shared hosting and cloud services according to your needs and resources. 


DevOps (Development & Operations) 

Well, as always, the DevOps approach is still inherently attached to developer experience, as the compound term suggests what it stands for, it is a combination of development and operations. It brings together software development and IT operations as well as all the processes under one roof, and enhances the software delivery process. DevOps methods also include numerous principles of agile software development, which has also been growing since the start of the trend. 

Because both efficiency and employee expertise are becoming popular as core business elements of the digital age, businesses will strive to discover plans and ways that kill two birds with one stone by adopting both. 

Contemplation has led me to the conclusion that we will see an emergence of both specific DevOps embracement together with methods that draw from other agile and lean methodologies and are better adapted to meet the requirements of specific companies. 


Pay attention to cyber-security 

Cybersecurity is another best-known software development trend that is believed to thrive further in 2022. Companies will pay more attention to the up-gradation of their applications, systems, and technology stack with routine evaluation for cybersecurity.  


The Internet of Things (IoT) 

The Internet of Things (IoT) is believed to generate more than $6 trillion worth of revenue by the end of 2022. Once the Internet of Things (IoT) is aligned with cloud-based computing and connected data, software development will be modified. Mobile gadgets and mobile apps are about to become even more specific for potential vertical markets (for example, aerospace or healthcare) in times to come as detectors and analytics provide real time control. 


Fine documentation 

It might seem like it is not of importance at first, that being said, still good documentation is one of the extremely important components in software engineering. A large number of other robust technologies lack adoption because of substandard or not enough documentation. 

On the other hand, some frameworks, in particular, Laravel or Vue, credit most of their success to their precise andthorough documentation which depicts the excellence or standard of the framework and makes the procedure of grasping and mastering a technology fascinating instead of a terrible challenge. 

In recent times, we have seen frameworks known for having substandard documentation set to simplify their efforts, which would make the overall process more convenient both for beginners as well as more trained professionals, e.g., Angular developers and developers cognizant of blockchain technology. 



Being informed of the emerging technological advancement helps you in making long and short-term business strategies. While software development technologies are evolving, trends in software development will keep happening. We will see a constant increase in all the above-mentioned trends.  

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